“Build community wherever you go.” – Angela Merici

The Ursulines of Cincinnati are a diverse group of women religious dedicated to Christ through involvement in ministries that include educational leadership, counseling, community outreach, care of the sick and elderly, social justice, parish ministry and journalism.


Angela Merici

Following in the footsteps of St. Angela Merici, members of the community respond to the needs of our times while living in a variety of local settings, coming together often for prayer, work, continuing faith formation, mutual support, celebration and encouragement. Care of the individual and recognition of the dignity and gifts of each person are key elements of Ursuline life. We honor our inspiring heritage, embrace our present service and challenges, and plan for our future with faith and optimism. The Ursulines of Cincinnati are celebrating one-hundred years of serving God’s people in the Cincinnati area in 2010.

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Our Ministries

Our foundress, St. Angela Merici, urged her followers to heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and use their gifts in service to God and others. In that same spirit the current ministries of the Ursulines of Cincinnati are as diverse as our membership and include educational leadership, counseling, community outreach, pastoral ministry, adult faith formation, social justice work and Catholic communications.

Please visit the websites of our sponsored schools, St. Ursula Villa and St. Ursula Academy, to learn more about our ongoing commitment to Ursuline education:

St. Ursula Villa

St. Ursula Academy